Milk, Honey, and Gravel
to Feb 16

Milk, Honey, and Gravel

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design presents an exhibition of work from RMCAD staff member Melinda Kern, which will run from January 16 – February 16, 2018 in the Rotunda Gallery.

Milk, Honey, & Gravel is a bittersweet entry into the lives of people who experience a need for something greater than themselves—a vice. It explores reliance and dependency, in a world forced to embrace independency. Kern’s work depicts the conflict that arises out of the search for happiness and fulfillment in two different ways; that of reflection, contemplation, and stillness, juxtaposed with action, battle, and physical contact. Kern explores this duality by highlighting moments that present real consequences, the necessity for presence, both physical and mental, and the reliance on those around us.

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